Audrey Driscoll

I grew up reading books, and found I was as interested in how stories were constructed as in how they turned out. I worked out scenes and bits of dialogue in my head, and made my friends act out little dramas based on my favourite book at the time – Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book.

With that background, it was inevitable I would become a writer. It just took a while. After establishing a career as a cataloguing librarian – first at the University of Saskatchewan and then at the Greater Victoria Public Library in British Columbia – I had a meaningful encounter with H.P. Lovecraft’s character Herbert West.

I was fascinated by HPL’s corpse-reanimating physician and his friend the nameless narrator. The result was The Friendship of Mortals, which was followed by three more novels to form the Herbert West Series. Self-publishing became respectable and relatively easy just in time to rescue me from the sad fate of the Unpublished Writer.

In 2018, I published She Who Comes Forth, a sequel to the Herbert West Series and in 2020, Tales from the Annexe, a collection of short stories.

My blog is called, strangely enough, Audrey Driscoll’s Blog. My opinions on writing and gardening may be found there, along with links to my published books.

When I’m not writing, I’m probably in my garden, which is located in Victoria, British Columbia.