Mark Paxson

I started writing in 2003 when a friend told me about NaNoWriMo. I was 39 at the time and hadn’t written fiction except when I had to for school all those years ago. I wrote a novel over the course of the next year and then started what I refer to as my writing explosion. Dozens of short stories. Another novel, and the beginnings of a handful of other novels. Each of which led me to writer’s block at about the halfway point.

It’s taken me five or six years to break out of that block and I’m starting to write again. I published a novella in November 2019, and just finished an 80,000 word novel that could be marketed as literary young adult fiction.

I write primarily literary fiction, but one of the things I like most about writing is that there is no limit to what I can try to write. My first novel was a courtroom drama. One of my half completed works in progress is what I refer to as a space romp. Another work in progress is a dystopian piece about a dysfunctional America that might not be too far off. The possibilities are endless. I just hope I can keep finding the words.

I have a couple of other blogs., where I blog about anything and everything., where I share my exploits in fiction, and an occasional poem. My published works include:

The Marfa Lights and Other Stories

Shady Acres and Other Stories

One Night in Bridgeport


The Irrepairable Past

The Dime (hopefully coming soon)

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