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  1. chucklitka says:

    In addition to correcting typos whenever they are pointed out to me, I have rewritten several scenes in my books after I published them. In both instances it was, to make them better. And then there was the time when I had to change something in the first book to match what I wanted to do in the second. At the end of my space opera, I tossed in a large feathered snake just for color. But in the sequel I found I had use for this creature – she became a major character, Siss.. But I didn’t want Siss to be a snake, so I changed her into a feathered crocodile-like “dragon” instead. But I then had to go back and alter her description in the first book. The way I look at it is that if anyone goes back to reread the story, they will likely read the same version they read the first time, so making changes affects only new readers, and hopefully for the best.


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