A Video Chat About Writing Rules

A couple of months ago I started noodling over getting a bunch of writers together who wanted to talk and blog and offer advice to others exploring the world of writing and publishing. The result of that noodling is this website, and a growing series of video chats on issues related to writing and publishing.

Here is the first video chat (actually, it’s the second, but the first was specifically about my published works and I’m committed to not using this website to promote my own efforts). In this video, Berthold Gambrel and I discuss a few “writing rules” we’ve heard of over the years and what we think about them.

Among those rules are “writing what you know,” pantsing versus plotting, and a few other things. (By the way, there are plenty of other “writing rules” out there and we’d love to have a conversation about those rules as well — share your ideas about rules you’ve heard that would be good for conversation in the comments.)

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