A Video Chat — Some of Our Favorites

In which Berthold, Audrey and Mark talk about some of their favorite indie authors. We will likely doing another chat on this subject at some point in the future as we just began to scratch the surface. If you click on the youtube link and go to the youtube page for the video, you’ll see a list of the authors and their blogs/websites, or check out their author pages on Amazon.

The first entries into our Indie Hall of Fame: Lorinda Taylor, Tammy Robinson, Noah Goats, AC Flory, Vince Dickinson, Lindy Moone, Bill Fitts, Fallacious Rose (Now publishing under F.L. Rose, with a new book coming out soon.), Phillip McCollum, D. Wallace Peach, Kevin Brennan, Jeremy L. Jones, Chuck Litka, Michael Graeme, and Carrie Rubin (traditionally published with a recent indie book or two to her credit)


  1. This is definitely worth a listen. Prepare to add to your TBR lists. (And my apologies for faulty memory and lack of notes on names and titles. But thanks to Berthold, the cover images of some recommended books appear in the video.

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  2. Chuck Litka says:

    Thanks for your nice comments about my books. Strange as it seems to me, I’m an entertainer, and so if I can entertain anyone at all, I’ve succeeded. Which is a good feeling.

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    1. Entertaining and interesting definitely describes your books, Chuck.

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